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Horizontal Cable Managers
Horizontal Cable Managers
Olabs Horizontal Cable Manager is designed for the purpose of keeping cables under a professional & clean environment. With snap-on hinged cover design, it provides an attractive and highly functional horizontal pathway for routing cables and patch cords.

This easy mounted horizontal cable manager also allows flexible construction which makes easy access to cables for moves, additions and changes in order to achieve a decent patching environment for the whole structural cabling system.
Horizontal Cable Manager provides a solution for organizing cable on any Standard 19” cabinet and to meet ANSI/TIA/EIA installation guidelines for copper & fiber cabling. Easy mountable design with hinged cover provides better cable management and to minimize the amount of space needed for network layout.
  • Suitable for multi-media applications using both fiber or copper cables
  • Cost effective solution that simplifies network maintenance
  • To keep excess cable from creating clutter
  • Made of light-weighted plastic for flexibility
  • For use with front and rear of rack/cabinet
  • Modular design, ease for installation
  • Dual hinged cover that can open to the top or bottom to allow easy access
  • Available in 1U or 2U height
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