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Vertical Cable Managers
Vertical Cable Managers
Olabs FiberFlex™ flexible cable management solution provides the best option for wiring & communications applications. Driven by the concept of simplicity and modularity, our vertical cable manager can help installers to establish vertical and front-to-rear cable pathways for a single rack or between two bayed racks in the most convenient way.

Mostly be used in Main Distribution Area (MDA) of data center with an open rack system. This modular vertical cable manager can enhance the ease of installation, save of space which resulted in significant cost savings and also to organize all cables on the rack without the support of horizontal cable managers.
Vertical Cable Manager provides a solution for organizing cable on any Standard 19” EIA two-posts open rack system. It is designed to manage high density cable management system; by reducing rack space for additional panels, active equipment, or cable pathways that may be required for the network layout.
  • To minimize amount of space required for cable management
  • Curved cable management design to support bend protection and eliminate the needs of acquiring additional horizontal managers
  • Ideal for organizing in-rack cables while maintaining plenty of airflow
  • To control bend radius in protecting cables from hidden crushes, kinks and snags
  • Specially designed footstand for auxiliary support
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