High Density Plug-and-Play Enclosures
Olabs FiberFlex™ High Density panel solution is driven by the concept of network space optimization and asset utilization. Not only emphasizing the fiber capacities and space saving, Olabs committed to provide an optimized solution that delivers the greatest users experiences by simplifying installation and maintenance, easy accessibility and reliable fiber performance.

This HD panel solution supports high speed 40G / 100G Ethernet for the next generation network by adopted the latest parallel optics technology. While at the same time be able to accommodate legacy serial transmission in response to customer specified requirement.
19” rack-mountable HD patch panel is used to house 2pcs of 72-Fiber HD MPO plug-and-play modules (144 fiber per 1U). It utilizes 12- or 24- fibers, with specified parallel optics transmission on fiber channeling, particularly designed for high speed 40G/100G Ethernet.
  • 144 fiber per 1U (Industry-leading density)
  • Meet IEEE802.3ba
  • 12- or 24-fiber MPO connectors terminated with laser optimized OM3 or OM4 fibers
  • Support Parallel Optics transmission for 40G / 100G
  • Superior optical loss that achieve tighter link-loss parameters for 40G / 100G
  • Plug-and-play system reduces cost of onsite deployment
  • Modular design offers high flexibility and scalability
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