IP68 MPO & LC Assemblies
OLABS Ruggedized IP68 Assemblies is designed to support virtually any extreme environments, such as extreme temperature, humidity, vibration, as well as chemicals corrosive gasses. Sealed to IP68 rating - the highest ingress protection level for all of its kinds, our FiberTough™ IP68 assemblies could deliver distinguished performance in robustness and reliability.
Cable assemblies that support virtually any extreme environments. Make according to customer specified length and fiber mode, available for connector interface include LC Duplex, standard MPO and Low Loss-MPO. Sealed to IP68 with reliable bayonet locking design feature, every piece of product is tested to assure excellent optical performance and support utmost protection in harsh environment.
  • Connector interface available in LC Duplex, Standard MPO, Low Loss-MPO
  • Sealed to IP68 for utmost protection
  • Bayonet locking design makes ease of mating even in inconvenient locations
  • Receptacle of different flange styles to fit for different installation needs
  • Fiber optic connector complies to Telcordia GR-326-CORE and TIA/EIA standard
  • Comprehensive assemblies solutions reduce cost of site termination while enhanced performance
  • 100% factory-tested for excellent reliability and optical performance
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