Outdoor Steel Armored Cable
Olabs outdoor fiber optic cables help to build your network with excellent optical performance in virtually all outdoor applications.The steel armored cable featuring two steel strength members with corrugated steel tape, it provides excellent self-supporting function that suitable for any cable deployment in long span distance, in particular suitable for aerial and duct applications.
Steel armored cable is offered in 2 to 24-Fiber with options of PE or LSZH jackets, fiber choices of Singlemode, Multimode OM1 / OM2 / OM3 / OM4 are available to cater for different needs.
  • Suitable for cable deployment in aerial and duct areas
  • 2 ruggedized steel wires for self-support function
  • Water blocking tape provides added ingress protection
  • Corrugated steel tape delivers superior crush and rodent resistant
  • Small diameter, light weight for easy laying
  • Excellent durability and long service life
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