Boosting in demand for high speed and large volume data and video transmission makes Fiber- To-The-X (FTTx) be an inevitable trend, people is expecting a lot more on Internet interactivity, rich media and loading speed which strike for higher bandwidth. Connecting homes directly to fiber optic cable enables enormous improvements in the bandwidth and thus providing vastly higher bandwidth to the last mile.

enhancing efficiency and to optimize network reliability

As a specialist on providing physical fiber connectivity solutions, Olabs offers a comprehensive portfolio of FTTx product to various service providers, system integrators and end users, wherever in a residence (FTTH – fiber to the home), a premise (FTTP – fiber to the premise), a node (FTTN – fiber to the node) or a desk (FTTD – fiber to the desk). Our FTTx solution offers high performance and reliable connectivity in a cost-effective manner, which helps expand service provider's customer base and to optimize their network reliability and competitiveness.